MARA  ​​​​​​​​​HESED


  1. Holding
  2. Three Muses I
  3. Reclining Nude
  4. Rage
  5. Viewfinder
  6. Shame
  7. Slut
  8. Popess
  9. Ruins
  10. Looking
  11. Not Looking
  12. At The Spa
  13. Virgin
  14. Matt Sleeping
  15. Balancing Act
  16. Three Muses II
  17. Wall Flower
  18. Woman
  19. Felicity and Giovanni

A theatre director told me that acting should come from the head, the eyes and often the loins.  I paint from my head, my eyes and very often my loins.  I am cultivating a way of moving paint that expresses emotion without being sloppy or mushy.  The representational figurative style that I embrace, like the characters I depict, is neither soaked with nostalgia nor sentiment.  My sensibility is bold, impassioned and relevant.

Because of my theatre background, I am naturally inclined toward figures in narrative settings and the use of physicality as an instrument of expression.  My aggressive brush stroke, liberal use of color, and dense layering paint create an emotional landscape for the story within the moment I am portraying.  The viewer, confronted with the image, is compelled to respond emotionally, yet restrained by the intellectual distance of watching and not doing--a device meant to foster self-reflection.